This content was published: April 27, 2021. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

Southeast: April 27, 2021

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Safety alert

images from security camera: left image shows white male in black baseball hat and black hoodie with teal lanyard. Second image shows man with face in shadow, black baseball cap and grey sweatshirt, carrying a knife. On Friday 4/16/21 and Tuesday 4/20/21 the subject depicted in this flyer is believed to have used a pry tool to gain entry into the Southeast Campus (2305 SE 82nd Avenue) Mt. Tabor Hall after the campus closed at 10pm. Once inside the subject gained entry into several office spaces and the main electrical vault for Mt. Tabor Hall. The suspect was able to turn power off to the outside lighting and to several office spaces and pulled wiring out of the panel.

The suspect appears to be wearing a turquoise lanyard similar to the PCC lanyards. Please take a look at this picture and if you recognize this person please contact Public Safety at 971 722 4902.

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