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Southeast: March 14, 2018

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SE Campus Lockout

On Wednesday, 3/14/18 at approximately 12:11pm Portland Police responded to robbery that had just occurred in the 2100 block of SE 82nd Avenue. Information was broadcast that the suspect had fled the scene and believed to have barricaded himself in an apartment just to the north of the SE Campus (2305 SE 82nd Ave).

SE Public Safety Officers who were monitoring the incident became concerned about the safety of students and staff at the SE Campus. At 12:16pm, they placed Mt. Tabor and Mt. Scott buildings into lock out as a pre-caution, just in case the suspect was not in the apartment.

At 12:19 pm a PCC alert message was sent out indicating that there was a lockout taking place but did not specify the location. After becoming aware of that the message did not include the location, a second message was sent at approximately 12:24 pm specifying that the lockout was at SE campus and involved two north buildings. This was followed up by an updated message that indicated this was due to police activity and involved specifically Mt. Tabor and Mt. Scott buildings.

At 12:23 pm Public Safety officers learned that Portland Police had taken the suspect into custody. After confirming the information the two buildings were taken out of lock out. This was followed by a PCC alert “all clear” message indicating that the suspect was in custody and it was safe to resume normal activities.

Following every incident of this nature, Public Safety will review its response to identify what worked well and areas for improvement.


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