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Caterpillar Electric Power, associate degree

Student working with an electrical control panel

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Associate Degree: Caterpillar Electric Power2 yearsLimited entry, see how
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Course listing for the 2023-2024 catalog year.

APR 103LME: AC Motors & Transformers4
or APR 123 AC Theory for Motors and Transformers
DST 110Caterpillar Engine Fundamentals8
DST 111Introduction to Caterpillar Service Industry3
DST 112Caterpillar Hydraulic Fundamentals §4
DST 113Caterpillar Engine Fuel Systems4
DST 114Fundamentals of Electrical Systems §4
DST 150Caterpillar Service Technology Internship12
DST 201Machine Electronic Systems4
DST 202Caterpillar Engine Performance3
DST 210Generators and EPG Calculations3
DST 211Control Panels and Data Links3
DST 212Voltage Regulation 3
DST 213Automatic Transfer Switches3
DST 270Caterpillar Electric Power Generation Internship12
WLD 217Diesel Welding3
WR 121Composition I (WR121=WR121Z) Z4
AC/DC Theory Electives3
Advanced AC Electrical Electives3
General Education: 4 courses
Total Credits95

Course cannot be substituted with another course.


This course is part of Oregon Common Course Numbering. WR 121 and WR 121Z are equivalent.

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