Magnetic Resonance Imaging, less than 1 year certificate

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Certificate: Magnetic Resonance ImagingLess than 1 yearLimited entry, see how
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Course listing for the 2024-2025 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
MRI 101 MRI Physics I - Principles, Equipment & Safety 2
MRI 111 MRI Cross-Sectional Anatomy I 2
MRI 271 MRI Clinical I 6
Second Term
MRI 102 MRI Physics II - Advanced Principles 2
MRI 112 MRI Cross-Sectional Anatomy II 1
MRI 272 MRI Clinical II 8
Third Term
MRI 130 MRI Imaging Procedures and Diagnosis 2
MRI 140 MRI Registry Review 1
MRI 273 MRI Clinical III 8
 Total Credits32

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