Medical Assisting

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do you admit to your program each year?
  • We admit 24 students Fall Term and 24 students Spring Term based on a point system. See the advising guide.
How competitive is admission?
  • We usually receive about 35-50 applications for 24 spots in the program.
What is the cost of your program?
  • The cost is about $6,500 for tuition, fees and other related program costs.
Can any of your prerequisites or program classes be substituted with other classes or work experience?
  • No Medical Assisting classes taken at other colleges can be transferred. Most writing, math and other general education classes can be transferred from any accredited college.
How long is the program and what are the hours?
  • The program is three terms (9 months) and classes are during the day.
What are the practicum requirements?
  • You will work with your practicum instructor to find a practicum site during your final term unless you have a positive background check (potential background issues) - then you are responsible for finding your own site to complete the required clinical hours.
What is the completion rate for your program?
  • For the past 3 years our completion rate has averaged about 95%.
What kind of certification am I eligible for with your program?
  • You will be eligible to take the national exam to become a CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) through AAMA This is the gold standard of certifications. In the State of Oregon, it will be required that you are certified or registered in order to obtain a job. Our students have a 95% pass rate.
What is the employment rate for graduates from your program?
  • Approximately 90% of our graduates are working in their field within a few months of graduation.
How much will I make as a CMA?
  • Starting salaries in the Portland metro area are around $15-16/hr but can range up to $18-19 depending on the specialty or new jobs created that MAs qualify for such as Team Leader, CCO’s, Health Coaches, etc.
How is your program different from other MA programs and why is it so much harder to get into?
  • We believe that the high expectations and value of the education you receive makes you a more competent, more employable MA. Our program is ahead of the curve in teaching the Patient Centered Medical Home model and prepares our graduates for the dynamic role they will increasingly play as a part of the medical team. No other school currently is teaching this model and employers have noted they see a difference in our graduates compared to other programs.