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Family and Human Services, associate degree

Adult reading to a child

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Associate Degree: Family and Human Services2 years

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Course listing for the 2023-2024 catalog year.

AD 101Addiction3
AD 104Multicultural Counseling3
AD 160Basic Counseling4
ECE 124Multicultural Practices: Exploring Our Views3
GRN 234Introduction to Dementia Care & Practice4
HUS 101Introduction to Human Services3
HUS 102Mental Health First Aid: Adult1
HUS 121Family and Human Systems3
HUS 131Models and Systems of Human Service Delivery3
HUS 141Direct Service Methods3
HUS 151Introduction to Case Management3
HUS 221Issues and Trends in Human Services3
HUS 230AField Experience Seminar I: Family and Human Services2
HUS 230BField Experience Seminar II: Family and Human Services2
HUS 230CField Experience Seminar III: Family and Human Services2
HUS 241Planning and Evaluation in Human Services3
HUS 250Field Experience I: Family and Human Services3
HUS 260Field Experience II: Family and Human Services3
HUS 270Field Experience III: Family and Human Services3
PSY 201AIntroduction to Psychology - Part 1 *4
or PSY 202A Introduction to Psychology - Part 2
PSY 215Human Development4
PSY 239Introduction to Abnormal Psychology4
SOC 230Introduction to Gerontology *4
Any PE Course1
Concentration Area Electives 113
General Education: 2 courses
Total Credits90

Could be used as General Education.


Students are advised to focus on a single concentration area, but are permitted to select courses from any of the Concentration Area Electives.

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