Facilities Maintenance Technology

Program Overview

student working in class

PCC offers the skills and concepts necessary to install, operate, maintain and repair, piping, and mechanical systems in large commercial, medical, institutional, and industrial buildings. You will learn troubleshooting skills, problem solving methods and electrical concepts. Classes are offered in lecture and lecture/lab format to give you a solid foundation in general maintenance skills, including HVAC/R.

Time and Expenses

Course Summary 1 Year Certificate 2 Year Certificate
Length of training 12 months 24 months
Credits per term (full-time student) 12 12
Total instructional hours 1530* 3060*
Hours per week 34* 34*
Total number of instruction weeks 44 88
Total weeks from beginning to end 50 100

*Approximate / average seat hours

For term start and end dates, vacations and holiday closures, see the academic calendar.

Direct Student Cost

Note: These are approximate program expenses for two-year degree in Facilities Maintenance Technology.

Expense Approximate Cost
Tuition Charges, Technology fees, Student Activity fees, Lab fees See Tuition & Fees
Possible Third Party Billing $40.00
Brazing Certification: (Industry required but not offered by PCC) $195.00-250.00
CFC Certification: (Industry required but not offered by PCC) $125.00
Books / Supplies:  $1,800.00
Tools: TI-86 calculator, required  $190.00
Tools: See Toolbox List below, required $485.97
Estimated costs for the program:

PCC has a variety of financial aid options and scholarship opportunities available for students.

Required Toolbox List

Also available as PDF document

List of required tools, order numbers and estimated costs
Quantity Item Johnstone Order # Estimated Price
1 16 inch Toolbox H-85-201 $25.00
1 25 foot Tape Measure H-25-620 $7.00
1 Ratchet Wrench (Valve) H-24-127 $8.50
1 6 inch Needle Nose Pliers H-24-132 $22.00
1 Slip Joint Pliers H-24-133 $13.00
1 6 in 1 Screw Driver H-25-245 $5.50
1 16 oz. WD ball-peen hammer H-25-189 $16.00
1 1 3/8 Tube Cutter H-26-508 $35.00
1 Flaring Tool 5/80D H-25-301 $28.50
1 Swaging Tool Set 4pc H-25-310 $20.50
1 Safety Glasses W-69-018 $3.00
1 Pocket Dial Thermometer H-23-039 $4.50
1 Digital Clamp Meter H-27-756 $118.00
1 4 Valve Charging Manifold H-85-505 $164.00
1 10 inch Adjustable Wrench H-27-645 $17.00
1 Utility Knife H-24-790 $4.00
1 Wire Stripper Cutter H-25-935 $14.00
1 Gloves W-69-277 $2.50
1 Triad Screwdriver $0*
1 Pen $0*
1 Note Pad $0*
Estimated Average Cost: $508.00

Prices as of 6/27/2016. All prices are approximate and subject to change without notice.
*No cost when you purchase entire Toolbox with Johnstone supply.

Also offered from Johnstone is The Self Study Course Environmental Protection Agency Study Course for approximately $120.00. For EPA/CFC Certification