Addiction Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students do you admit to your program each year?

We generally admit 20 students each Fall, Winter and Spring terms who have completed their prerequisites and who have earned the most points.

How competitive is admission?

We expect to have more than 20 applicants to each Cohort who have the full number of points. In that case, we will use a lottery for admission.

What is the cost of your program?

Once admitted to the program, the AAS is about $11,000, the certificate is about $6,000.

Can any of your prerequisites or program classes be substituted with other classes or work experience?

If you have taken classes you think could be substituted for AD program classes contact the admissions advisor at Most writing, math and other general education classes can be transferred from any regionally accredited college. Students working in an ACCBO approved position may be able to get part or all of their practicum credits waived.

Is there any way to graduate from your program faster?

After admission to the program, the Certificate typically takes 3 terms. The AAS is generally 6 – 7 terms. Students who can get their practicum waived may graduate earlier.

What are the practicum requirements?
  • You will work with your practicum instructor to find a practicum site.
  • For the AAS you will complete 18 credits of practicum over 3 – 4 terms (650 hrs); For the Certificate you will complete 9 credits of practicum over 2 terms (324 hrs).
  • Students working in an ACCBO approved position may be able to get part or all of their practicum credits waived. Contact for more information.
What kind of certification am I eligible for with your program?

You will complete the coursework and a portion of the 1000 hrs needed to sit for the CADC1 state certification Students are generally employed before completing the total 1000 hours and complete their hours on the job before taking the exam.

Will I be able to find a job?

The need for Addiction Counselors is growing at a rate of 15 – 20% faster than average.

Will I be required to pass a background check for practicum and employment?

While you will most likely be required to complete a background check having a record will not automatically disqualify you for employment or practicum. Each practicum site and employer will determine your eligibility for their placement; the more extensive your record the more limited you will be in regards to what populations you will be able to work with. Please go the to the Oregon Health Authority Addiction and Mental Health Website for the most updated rules concerning criminal history checks.

What if I want to continue my education?

Credits from our program most successfully transfer to PSU, Concordia, and Warner Pacific for bachelor’s degrees in fields like social work, education and social services. See an advisor for more details.