ID Badge Policy

As a part of the College’s commitment and strategy to ensuring safety and security and improving our services to students at all college locations, effective Fall 2010, all employees will be required to obtain and carry a PCC-issued photo identification (ID) badge.

PCC employees working in controlled access areas as defined in the implementation guide are required to visibly display their PCC ID badge on their person during working hours. All other employees are encouraged, but not required, to display their ID badge on their person during working hours.

Implementation guide related to the ID Badge Policy

Every employee must obtain and carry a PCC photo identification (ID) badge. Employees may be asked to show their ID badge to public safety officers or other college officials to verify their affiliation and purpose for being on campus. The ID badge may be used to access areas on campus and for identification after hours or in an emergency.

Controlled access areas include all centers where ID badges are required to gain access to the facility, Willow Creek Opportunity Center, Downtown Center and the Opportunity Center at 42nd Avenue, and any future controlled access facilities. It also includes the following departments, Technology Solutions Services, Public Safety, Facility Management Services, Student Account Services, Financial Aid, Registration, and other departments or areas that the College deems necessary to designate as such in the future. These employees must display the ID badge in a readily visible place on their person while working the controlled-access areas on any PCC campus or locations (Note: ID badges are not required to be displayed in a non-working event, e.g. attending a play in the PAC or a basketball game in the gym). Employees who are required to display their ID in the controlled access areas and consistently do not, or who refuse to wear their ID badge may be subject to disciplinary action.

Normally, ID badges will be obtained on the first day of employment. They can be obtained at the Registration Office on campuses. The ID badges are issued in these categories:

  1. ID badges for regular (FT & PT) employees will be issued without an expiration date or term validation sticker.
  2. ID badges for PT faculty and casual employees will be issued with a term validation for a maximum of one year.

A returning Category B employee whose ID badge has expired must obtain a current term sticker from their department upon receipt of updated employment authorization.

If an employee’s ID badge is lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately to Public Safety, and a replacement obtained. The cost of replacement badges will be the employee’s responsibility unless the replacement is necessitated by a legal name change or a change required by the College.

Upon separation from employment, employees are required to return their college ID. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure the employee’s ID badge is returned for destruction before leaving the College.

The PCC ID badge is the property of the college, administered through Enrollment Services or other designated department, and may be revoked at any inappropriate use. The ID badge may be used only by the individual to whom it was issued. Employees may not “loan” their ID badge to anyone for any reason.