PCC Bathroom Policy

Portland Community College does not exclude, separate, deny benefits, or otherwise treat differently on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity, or gender expression. This means it allows all members of the community to access all authorized PCC spaces and facilities in accordance with their gender identity and/or gender expression. Under no circumstances will any member of the PCC community be required to provide proof of medical procedure or government identification as proof of gender to access a PCC space or facility. A PCC community member may not be compelled to use a space that is not consistent with their gender identity or any separate nonintegrated space unless requested by the community member. This policy applies to all authorized spaces and facilities, including but not limited to bathrooms and locker rooms.

Any community member who believes PCC or a community member has engaged in discrimination in violation of this policy (in violation of other nondiscrimination obligations, including intentional discrimination or harassment) should contact the Office of Equity & Inclusion at 971-722-5840 or email a complaint to equity.inclusion@pcc.edu.


Gender Expression:
The manner in which any individual’s gender identity is expressed, including, but not limited to, through dress, appearance, manner, or speech. Examples of gender expression include but are not limited to femininity, masculinity, and androgyny.
Gender Identity:
The manner in which any individual experiences and conceptualizes their gender, regardless of whether or not it differs from the gender culturally associated with their assigned sex at birth. Gender identity is not necessarily visible to others.

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