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Student’s Guide to Money

Illustration of a wallet with cash sticking out the top

You’re here at PCC to make your life better, right? You have big dreams and you have the motivation to reach those dreams. We want you to remember that decisions with your money while you’re in school can impact you for years to come. Money trouble is one of the biggest reasons students struggle in college. We want you to be successful while you are at PCC and after. This track is all about money, and you will learn to:

  • Set financial goals
  • Make a budget
  • Save money
  • Fund your education
  • and more

You already know that getting an education is your best chance of earning more money. But remember – it’s not just how much money you make, but what you do with it that counts. Your education and your money skills are going to work hand-in-hand to make you the successful person you want to be.