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Accept the job offer

Starting salary

Do you know what a fair salary is for the position? Do some research to learn what other employers are paying for similar work.  Check out reliable sources for salary comparison here: PCC library guide: Career Development.  If you don’t think the wage is adequate, ask the employer:

  • Is the starting salary negotiable?
  • What benefits does your organization offer to new employees?
  • How often are salaries adjusted?  Are salaries adjusted based on performance or cost-of-living, or a combination of both?

Job Offers

Landing the position is the beginning of a great opportunity for you to become a valuable employee. Be proactive with your next steps.

  • Ask about initial meetings or orientation sessions that you might need to attend.
  • Confirm your first day of work, who you should report to, when and where.
  • Is there anyone you should connect with prior to your first day on the job? Have a contact so you can ask them:
    • employer expectations about dress code
    • methods of communication
    • policies and procedures

A final note: student loan payments
If you borrowed student loans to help pay for your education, you’re going to be using part of your paycheck to pay those loans back. Check out Managing Student Loans for crash course in loan repayment.


You did it! You made it through the whole track. If you have a minute, tell us if you liked it, hated it, used it, or still have questions: fill out the feedback track.