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Uploading media to our streaming server – My Media/Kaltura

If you have a video that you want to embed in your course but don’t want it on the public internet (e.g. YouTube), you can upload it to our streaming server, Kaltura. Don’t worry, we’re all shy. If you’re uploading content that someone else created, please see our Media Intake Form.

  • What is required: A D2L Brightspace course and an audio or video file


  1. Log in to D2L Brightspace with your instructor account
  2. Click on the My Media link from the D2L Brightspace Homepage navbar, the first page you see when you login to D2L Brightspace (you will not be able to access My Media from your own course navbar)
  3. If it’s your first time accessing it, you will see the following screen to continue. Check the box for “Do not ask me again for this application” and click the Continue button
    my media: first-time access
  4. Click the Add New button and select Media Upload
  5. Click the Choose a file to upload button or drag & drop the media file inside the dotted rectangle area
  6. If you use drag & drop step, you can skip this. If you use Choose a file to upload, then Browse your local computer to select the media file and click select or Open.
    my media: upload media screen-enter media info, such as title and tags
  7. Once the file has uploaded, enter a descriptive name (e.g. How to submit your WR122 assignments) and include a description that will make the video easier to find later. Please also add the course ( e.g. wr122) and your name
  8. Tag video in a way that is descriptive. Type each tag word separately by pressing the Enter or Return key on your keyboard. We recommend major themes (e.g. writing, sources, attribution, wr122, 201704)
  9. Click the Save button
  10. Your video recording may not be available right away. Depending on video length and your internet connection, your video may still being processed in Kaltura. Come back at a later time to check and follow the guide (Option 1 and 1a or Option 2 and 2b) to Embed from My Media using the Insert Stuff.my media: kaltura processing screen

Note: Your video will automatically captioned using automatic captions generated by machine. They clearly aren’t the same as human transcription so you may need to revised and edited to ensure they are 100% accurate. Captions can be easily added to any videos in your My Media library. Depending on the length of the video, it should process the captions in less than 1 hour.

Follow these steps if you want to edit your caption or choose a specific language for your caption (English is the default language).