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Importing ExamView quizzes into D2L Brightspace

You can use ExamView to easily create a test bank of quiz questions, preview the questions and make changes, and upload it to a D2L course.

  • Who is this for: All Instructors
  • What is required: A D2L course shell and ExamView software from the publisher


  • You must download and install the ExamView software from your publisher to your device in order to create an ExamView quiz. Once you have the ExamView software installed, you can download the appropriate test bank.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Open test bank or create a test

  1. Open ExamView Test Generator. Enter your email and password to sign in. You may need to create an account if you don’t have one. ExamView: sign in or create a new account
  2. Once you’re signed in, choose from the available options:
    ExamView: menu options to create a new test or open an existing question bank

    • If you want to view an existing test bank question, click Open an existing question bank. You can also go from the File menu and select Open Question Bank…, navigate to where the test bank is located and choose the one you want to open (i.e. Chapter_01.bnk).
    • You can also create the test questions you want to import.
  3. Once the test is created, Save the file to your desktop or to the appropriate folder.

Step 2: Export from ExamView and create the zip file

  1. From the File menu, click Export and select Brightspace by D2L…
    ExamView: File menu-Export-Brightspace by D2L
  2. By default, it will try to save the file in the same location where you opened up your questions bank from. If you want to save it in another location, change the location now (i.e. Desktop). Give it the same name as the original question bank and click on the Save button. Note: Don’t include any symbols in the filename (dash, space, or underline should be ok).
  3. In the Export to Brightspace by D2L window, enter the “name.” This is important because it’s going to help you remember what questions are in each of the different folders within D2L itself. So maybe you can use the Chapter name and the title of the chapter (i.e. Chapter 1-Patient Evaluation and Risk Assessment).
  4. Enter the title for the “directory name” (i.e. Chapter1). You may add a description if you want to (optional) and leave everything else AS IS. ExamView export window: enter folder and directory names
  5. Click the OK button.
  6. Click on the File menu and click Close. If you have more quizzes to create, repeat these steps to export the file one at a time, then proceed to Step 3: import it into D2L Brightspace.

Step 3: Import into D2L Brightspace

Note: you can only import one file at a time. So repeat these steps if you have multiple files to import.

  1. Enter your course in D2L.
  2. Select Course Admin from the course navigation bar.
  3. Click Import / Export/ Copy Components.
  4. Choose Import Components, choose from a course package and click the Start button.
  5. In the Import Course Package window, choose one of the following:
    • Click the Upload button and browse for the .zip file that you exported from ExamView in step 2 (i.e. Desktop). Select the file and click the Open button. OR
    • Drag and drop the zip file that you exported from ExamView in step 2 inside the Upload box area.
      D2L Course Admin: Import course package windowD2L Course Admin: Import course package window with a file already selected
  6. Click the Import All Components button.
  7. Wait until the whole process is complete. You should see 3 green check marks to indicate that your file has been successfully imported. D2L import course package: success import message
  8. If you have more files to import, click Import Another Package and repeat steps 5 through 7. Otherwise, click the View Content button.
  9. Click on Quizzes from the course navbar and click on Question Library. The test bank should now be successfully imported and accessible via the Question Library in the Quizzes area.