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Importing and exporting grades

Export Grades

D2L recommends that you set up your grade book in Brightspace Learning Environment even if you want to enter grades in a CSV or TXT file. You can then use the Export Grades option to create an appropriately structured file.

Exporting grades allows you to save student grades outside of D2L, where they can be managed with a spreadsheet application and imported back to the course.

  • What is required: A D2L Brightspace course in which you are using the grade book and already populated with data
Important Notes:
  • Files containing grades that are exported to an instructor’s local computer are sensitive. Note that the Brightspace “Username” is the key field and is (typically) rendered as the external ID (consisting of first.last name). Since these spreadsheets contain student information, you should take extra care to protect the information and the computer on which it is viewed and stored. We  recommend that these files DO NOT stay on the local computer but are kept in a protected environment.

Import Grades

You can enter grades in another application and import them into Brightspace Learning Environment using a CSV, TSV or TXT file. You can also create new grade items through an import file by adding a column to the file. Any grades you import for discussion grade items and assignment grade items are also synchronized back to Discussions and Assignments.

  • What is required: A D2L Brightspace course in which you are using the grade book and a spreadsheet application file, like Microsoft Excel that is ready to be imported
  • It may be easier to create your grades in D2L Brightspace first, then export the file. You can then use it to update the grades and import it back to the course.