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Guide: End of the Term

There are several tasks that you need to complete to ensure a successful completion of your course. This guide lists all the major items to complete to finish up the current term.

  • Who is this for: Online Instructors
  • What is required: A D2L Brightspace course

Adjusting course access dates

Student access to your course is defined by the course schedule. By default, most online courses will end at 11:59pm on Saturday of finals week. Academic Affairs leadership has asked online learning to extend the end date until the Wednesday after final grades are due at 11:59pm. Online Learning staff do this automatically each term.

As the instructor, you can manually adjust the access date and time for your course. Make sure that you communicate with your students if you adjust the end date and time so that they can access any course content before their access expires.

Create a backup of your course

Creating a backup of your course is a best practice and makes the content available to you offline.

Submit final grades

The Registrar sends out announcements that let you know when final grades are due. The grades need to be submitted in MyPCC.

Optional: export your gradebook

You can export a copy of your gradebook for your records. The grades can be viewed in Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheet, and most other spreadsheet applications.