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2020 Oregon Election Report

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Here is your 2020 Oregon Election Report, the focus of this report is the Oregon Legislature. I will answer questions on the potential impact of these races during presentations over the next few weeks. Presentations will be made at an Advancement Team meeting, a PCC Board meeting, a PCC Foundation Board meeting, and a PCC Cabinet meeting. 
Election Report 
*Last updated November 10th, 2020 after each county finished a primary count. 
Background: For the 2019-21 biennium we had 22 Rs and 38 Ds in the Oregon House. In the Oregon Senate there were 12 Rs and 18 Ds. 
For the 2021-23 biennium there will likely be 23 Rs and 37 Ds in the Oregon House. In the Oregon Senate there will likely be 12 Rs and 18 Ds. I say likely because there may be a recount in 3 districts. The democrats in the Senate hoped to pick up another seat to gain a walk-out proof majority, unless there is a major upset in a recount there will be no change. 
Tight races that may change with a recount in that district: 
*Brad Witt (D) incumbent in Scappoose winning by 518 votes 
*Anna Williams (D) incumbent in Hood River winning by 94 votes 
*Deb Patterson (D) in Salem winning by 400 votes, beating incumbent Sen. Boles (R)
Close Races, unlikely to see a recount
Rep. Nearman (R) in Newberg winning by 2000+ votes
Rep. Elect Ruiz (D) in Gresham winning by 2000+ votes 
Key races with no change
In the PCC district we always watch a few districts that can go either way. In addition to those mentioned above, we also watched Rep. Neron, Rep. Prusak, and Rep. McLain. All of these Representatives are D-incumbents who won those “purple districts” by 5000 votes or more. 
Community College Champions
Oregon held on to some great community college champions from both parties, including but not limited to Rep. Leif, Rep. Drazen, Rep. Nearman, Rep. Neron, Rep. Sollman, Rep. Reardon, and many others. 
Political shake-ups 
*HD 54 Rep. Helt (R) in Bend lost by 10,000 votes to Jason Kropf (D)
*HD 9 departing Rep. McKeown’s seat once held by D is now held by Boomer Wright (R) 
*SD 5 departing Sen. Roblan’s seat once held by a D is now held by Dick Anderson (R) 
*SD 10 incumbent Sen. Boles (R) in Salem lost to Deb Patterson (D)
*SD 13 will still be held by Kim Thatcher (R) who lost her race for Oregon Secretary of State, if she wants to keep her seat is up for debate 
*SD 2 is still held by an R, notably Art Robinson (R) is one of the most conversative members to serve in the Oregon Legislature
We are very excited to have new legislators in the PCC District:
*Khanh Pham (D) SE Portland HD 46
*Maxine Dexter (D) West Portland HD 33
*Dacia Grayber (D) Tigard HD 35
*Lisa Reynolds (D) Downtown Portland, SW Hills HD 36 
*Zach Hudson (D) Troutdale HD 49 
*Chris Gorsek (D) Gresham SD 25 – moving from the Oregon House to Oregon Senate 
*Kate Lieber (D) Beaverton SD 14 
Feel free to email me with questions. I am looking forward to further discussions at my upcoming presentations.
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