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Sylvania Creates celebrates the arts for second straight year

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For the second consecutive year, Portland Community College’s Sylvania Campus hosted its celebration of the arts with Sylvania Creates in early June. This year, the celebration included music and dance performances, painting projects, bronze pours and silkscreen demos, printmaking, film showings, photography, inflatable art, portfolio reviews and the magazine of student writing and art, “Alchemy release party.


Local Portland artist Alex Prentiss demoed moku hanga printmaking, the Japanese art of woodblock printing, to about 45 printmaking, drawing and painting students.


The Northview Gallery housed the annual student artwork show. All of the pieces, which included painting, photography, furniture and pottery, were made in a PCC art class and was juried by a group of local artists.


Also included in the demonstrations during the week was lost-wax casting. This method of metal casting occurs when molten metal is poured into a mold that has been created by means of a wax model. Once the mold is made, the wax model is melted and drained away. For the event, the artists used bronze to create a sculpture.


The Sylvania literary magazine “Alchemy” was celebrated with local poet Robert Lashley. Along with him reading  from his newest book “Up South,” which can be found in the Sylvania Library, students shared their stories and  poetry in front of a packed crowd.  If you were able to find a seat in the PAC Lobby, visitors also had the pleasure of listening to writing faculty read work inspired by painting, printmaking and photo faculty.


A class project of 3D Design inflatables was on display in the PAC courtyard. This project provides an opportunity for the students to create a collaborative, site-specific work that engages the PCC student body in a public setting. They gain practice creating proposals and small models for their projects, working together, and implementing their ideas on a large scale. The assignment also gives the students experience working with planes to create three dimensional objects. They practice pattern making in order to create complex volumes, learn about air flow, tension, and pressure inside the inflatables and the difference between working with solid and flexible materials.

sumi ink

Organized by the Sumi Ink Club, guests were given guidelines and encouraged people to execute and to talk to each other while painting. The painting traveled to different parts of the campus for the week.

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