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Classified Employee Appreciation Week Profile: Malou Ensign

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Take a walk down the Sylvania Campus College Center Mall and it won’t be long before you hear a welcoming voice that resonates in the large building, despite it being filled with students.

That voice belongs to Malou Ensign, a custodian who has been working at Portland Community College for 20 years.

On any given day, Ensign can be found taking care of Sylvania’s largest building, the College Center, but what sets her apart is her friendliness and how she connects with PCC students, faculty and staff – and that’s why she was named the Sylvania Campus PCC Federation of Classified Employees by her peers for her contributions to the PCC community.

“I am so happy to be honored,” Ensign explained. “This is the first time I have been recognized for something like this.”

When she isn’t at work, Ensign is working on her crossword puzzles, singing and taking care of her 14-year-old daughter, Janell

When she isn’t at work, Ensign is working on her crossword puzzles, singing and taking care of her 14-year-old daughter, Janell

Ensign started her career at PCC as a student taking computer classes. She had trouble buying the required books for the class and saw a job opening for a custodian and she applied.

Since then, she’s been taking care of PCC and spreading her smile across campus.

“I enjoy seeing people using their offices and students in our facilities and they say hello and smile at me,” Ensign noted. “I like to serve people. That’s why I work here.”

Lovingly known as “Mama Malou,” a term of endearment in her native country the Philippines, the students of PCC also noticed Ensign’s dedication and love for the campus by including her in student art projects.

“My photo was taken in front of the daffodils one year and the picture was displayed in the upper mall,” Ensign said. “Students were coming up to me and congratulating me and I didn’t know what they were talking about. Someone took me over to the picture and it made me proud to see my photo.”

When she isn’t at work, Ensign is working on her crossword puzzles, singing and taking care of her 14-year-old daughter, Janelle.

She is also an avid traveler.

“I have been to seven different countries,” Ensign said. “London and Denmark are my favorite destinations.”

Despite her busy life outside of PCC, her love for the college and the people she works with is apparent most when she explains why she is proud to work here.

“I am proud to work here because this is the best place to work,” Ensign explained. “We are part of a multicultural society and PCC helps to engage a variety of different people in different ways.”

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x by Maki Yoshinaga 7 years ago

Congratulations Malou! Seeing you on campus and hug each other always makes my day more delightful. Thank you for all your hard work for the community.

x by charlie geiger 7 years ago

I rely on you as you tackle some of the toughest and most demanding jobs here at Sylvania as a custodian. You make my life so much easier as a manager. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for a job well done and with a great, cheerful attitude!
Charlie Geiger

x by Becky Olson 7 years ago

Great article, Celina!

x by Deb Schwing 7 years ago

What a nice tribute! I have enjoyed running into Malou in the CT and CC buildings over the past several years. She is a hard worker who always has a smile to greet us with. Congratulations for the recognition.

x by Farah Daher 7 years ago

Congratulations Malou! there is no one more deserving of this honor than you.

x by Ernie S. Mapisa 7 years ago

Congratulations…and I wanted to know if u are Malou Ensign that i know in Angeles City, Pampanga. Philippines, or just look alike? I am Ernie Mapisa here in the Philippies.