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This content was published: July 30, 2015. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

Cascade’s displaced landscaping finds new homes on Free Plant Day

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“Save a tree!” was the order of the day at PCC Cascade recently as the campus community and neighbors flocked to Student Center for Free Plant Day and gave new homes to many prime specimens.

According to Jacob McKay, Hoffman Construction’s project superintendent for Cascade, approximately 75 people dug up and hauled away much of the landscaping surrounding the building, which is set for demolition in early August.

Earlier, residents were invited to reserve a particular plant(s) by picking up a special tag at Cascade’s president’s office and attaching it to the stem. Untagged plants were given away a first-come, first-served basis.

With the aid of a backhoe, Hoffman was able to help a handful of homeowners remove their trees. Otherwise it was up to the adopters to bring a shovel and remove shrubs and smaller plants themselves, and then arrange to bring them home in a pickup, car or trailer.

According to McKay, some residents had to decline after they met certain trees face to face.

“I had several people come out, fill out a tree application, and when they got out there and really saw what it took to relocate these things it was just too much for them,” he said.

But overall, McKay said that Free Plant Day was a success at finding new homes for the building’s flora.

“It was a good effort, and I thought a lot of people in the community wanted to do whatever they could,” said McKay.

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