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Share your thoughts on future of TriMet

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TriMet is asking residents to share their thoughts on the future of Portland transit. Since PCC students and staff use public transportation religiously, this is a great opportunity for them to give their input. Simply go to TriMet’s The Future of Transit website and click on your region. Up until late 2015, TriMet is asking residents for their feedback to create a long-term planĀ for its services.

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x by Maxwell Akuma 7 years ago

I’ve been riding tri met since I was young and I have seen the fare prices go up. I would like to see hour tickets for adults at a low price. I feel it’s not about making sure people can get a ride, I feel tri met wants money.

x by Michael Ross 7 years ago

Trimet needs to give serious consideration to making it easier and quicker to get between PCC campuses. Some of my students ride for more than 2 hours each way just to get to my class. This isn’t terribly practical, and creates hardship for students.

x by Laura Douglass 7 years ago

I would like to see the boarding area at PCC Sylvania increased in size, and in the amount of shelters. There is currently not enough room to safely board or exit the bus during peek hours. Also, there are only two shelters for all riders.
This area is always filled with riders and it is unsafe.

x by John Weemhoff 7 years ago

I feel the easiest way to better serve the public AND stimulate the economy is to run Trimet 24/7 on the weekday scheduals. This not only provides more frequent rides for the public, but also stimulates the economy as it allows for convient weekend shopping which is now restricted by buses not running as frequently on the weekends, or certain rountes not running at all. This makes no economic sense, as most people work Monday-Friday and would be available to use the buses on the weekends for shopping and stimulating the economy with spending if all bus routes were running the normal Weekday schedual! We have the infrastructure in place, use it for econonmic stimulus and growth!!

x by Jake Sepulveda 7 years ago

I’ve been a user of public transportation for the last 20 years. I’ve used it to get to school, work, the grocery store, and even the hospital… however, it’s never been my preferred mode of transportation or the most efficient… just the most available under the circumstances.

Increased fares, along with dirty buses, over-crowded routes, inaccurate arrival times, and a lack of proper coverage for areas beyond inner SE and downtown Portland make it difficult for those that actually NEED public transportation.

It is the outer lying areas and campuses like the SE campus, Sylvania, Cascade, and so on that are difficult to get to and from. These are the locations with the least amount of public transportation, but these are also some of the most important and fastest growing campuses.

With an annual budget of $489 million for 2014, half of which was paid for by payroll taxes, I’m left wondering why services aren’t there for those that can’t afford private transportation. I’m left wondering why my taxes are paying for the service, then the rest of my income goes to paying for the service again for such limited transfers. I’m left wondering why, for such a small area as downtown Portland is, that Fareless Square no longer exists, and why I’m subject to ridiculous advertisements at bus stops and benches, and on the sides and insides of the buses themselves.

If Trimet is truly public transportation, then why do their actions of cutting lines, increasing fares, and primarily servicing the wealthier parts of town over the less income-rich areas speak otherwise.

Perhaps it’s a game of catch up for wasted multi-million dollar projects of inefficiency like the trolly lines? Maybe it’s the unwarranted “upgrades” to bus benches, signs, and shelters, in an effort to re-brand that our funds are going to.

x by Yram 7 years ago

I RIDE ON THE BUS FOR 15 MINUTES AND 2.50…. just too much

x by Sarah 7 years ago

The 78 bus should pick up at 5:00 pm as well, currently it picks up at PCC Sylvania at 4:50, which is also when a great deal of classes let out. By picking up more at 5:00, buses will relieve traffic-congestion, and allow students enough time to catch the bus after their class.

x by Michael 7 years ago

7 years ago, the price of a ticket was 1.85.
Now it is 2.50 with reduced hours!

x by jon moore 7 years ago

swan island trade center needs better coverage I can get to class either an hour early or 15 minutes late and the evening shuttle is terribly unreliable… I know this isn’t trimets issue but there are no crosswalks or anykind of pedestrian safety down there and many students crossing the street almost get run over

x by Lidia 7 years ago

I would like to see a more cheaper Trimet pass for PSU students. It seems that taking public transportation is getting more expensive than not using public transportation.

x by Lidia 7 years ago

I would like to see the price decrease or be available for more time. Also the Trimet pass for PSU students is not helping. It is making it hard to use public transportation

x by Parker 7 years ago

This is all valuable input. Make sure your input actually goes to TRIMET.

CLICK ON THE LINK “The Future of Transit” in the story above to get to the future.trimet.org website.

You can simply copy-n-paste any thoughts you post here. :^)

x by dena switzer 7 years ago

I have been a trimet bus rider for many years. With the development of the light rail i have seen a great decrease in the number of buses that service portland and other areas. With this decrease it has caused hardship on those of us how do not drive to get to a max line. You would probably see more ridership on your maxes and buses if the service was better. The increase in the amount of money spent for a ticket vs how long that ticket is good for is out of balance. As a college student this form of transportation has become more expansive than driving my car. It would be nice to see the cost and increased bus service come into balance. Light rail is great but if there is no bus service to accommodate ridership to the max stations, then public transportation has became more of a sham than a service.

x by David Betts 7 years ago

Would anyone be interested in joining with the other Higher Educational Institutions within the TriMet service area to unify as one student ridership to petition for student fares?
I think there is a potential if we come together, all the students voices that use TriMet would make a lot of noise.

x by Red Hamilton 7 years ago

I believe public transportation is o.k. as it stands now. I believe the rule about “service dogs” needs to be addressed. I was on the bus last week and a woman got on the bus with 2 dogs that were clearly not “service animals” Well needless to say one pooped on the bus. It was disgusting. Also I believe that the fair should be a lot cheaper since the majority of rides are low-income.

x by David Weathers 7 years ago

Please explore the option of considering lowering the rates for students. Every bit helps.

x by Andrea Rubio 7 years ago

I think the prices for tickets have gone ridiculously high.
And its a shame that tickets don’t last four hours anymore.
I don’t like that they expire so quick because for just 4 hours I used to pay one ticket and today its either 2 hours or just full day. What happened to buying bulk tickets and getting a better price for those guys as well?
Why do students not get a cheaper price?
I think it would be nice to be able to pay a monthly pass at a student rate.
I don’t think its fair how much timer has changed.

x by EM 7 years ago

We BADLY need crosswalks near the SE PCC campus, both on Division Street and on 82nd Avenue. It’s like playing frogger trying to get to school. Someone is going to get hurt or killed.