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Cascade Campus invites artists to help enrich new bond-funded spaces

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“Spiral of Consciousness,” a meditation quilt, was created by Portland artist Adriene Cruz and is part of the Cascade Campus art collection. The campus is looking for new pieces to acquire.

November 10, 2014
By Katherine Miller

A blank canvas begs to be filled – as do the dramatic new spaces at PCC’s Cascade Campus. The Cascade Bond Art Committee is planning to purchase new acquisitions with the Percent-for-Art money from the latest bond project. But artists who are interested in applying will have to act fast: The deadline to submit a Request for Proposal is 11 a.m. Nov. 14.

Cascade Campus has a vibrant art collection that is dispersed among the campus buildings. The request is to expand the collection into the newly constructed Student Union, and Cascade Hall.

The union houses campus food service, student leadership programs, International Education, the Women’s Resource Center, Multicultural Center, and the main campus information desk. Cascade Hall houses classrooms, faculty work space, the Portland Teachers Program, and the Center for Careers in Early Education.

Funding is provided by the PCC Bond Program in accordance with Oregon’s “One Percent for Art” legislation, passed in 1975. The legislation mandates that one percent of direct construction funds for new or remodeled buildings with construction budgets of $100,000 or more be set aside for the acquisition of artwork. While cities and counties throughout the state are bound by the legislation, PCC is not. However, the college is voluntarily participating in the program. Other states have similar programs.

Elizabeth Bilyeu, an Art History instructor at Cascade and Cascade Bond Art Committee member, says that the RFP describes the College’s scope of work, timelines and instructions for submitting a proposal.

Read an overview of the Percent-for-Art initiative in Oregon at the Oregon Arts Commission website.

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