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Cistern and artifacts uncovered at Southeast construction site

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April 25, 2013
Written by Gina Whitehill-Baziuk

Early this April, during the excavation work for a new access road at Southeast Center, crew members discovered an old hand-dug, brick-lined and double plastered cistern on the construction site. The cistern, which had been built for water storage, and later used as a refuse site, was in the vicinity of the former LeGin restaurant, which occupied the site for 17 years. The conical-shaped cistern was about 17 feet deep and 10 feet wide with a brick-laid bottom. The project team salvaged about thirty thick glass bottles, several horseshoes, a rusted pick ax, a metal ceramic-lined cooking pan and large pieces of the brick cistern for cleaning and further investigation. The team has contacted PCC’s anthropology and history departments to share the information and offer the materials for hands-on student learning opportunities.

Once the learning commons building is complete next spring, the college may choose to display the artifacts in the new library for everyone to see and enjoy.

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