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Video highlights of 2012

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Back by popular demand is our top-list of most watched and discussed videos!

Below are some of the highlighted video productions from the calendar year 2012. These include either cool events that have happened at the college or are program or people profiles. Beyond these news or feature videos, the PCC YouTube channel also contains a wide array of instructional videos. To find out more, go to www.youtube.com/pccvideos

50th Wrap Rap

Published on June 15: Local hip-hop group (and proud PCC alums!) Rose Bent and producer Craig “Wolveryne” Warren created a new rap song to wrap up and recap the year of 50th Anniversary activities and celebrate everything that makes PCC great.

Discover Community Ed: Longboarding

Published on January 19: Join PCC Community Education for a class in Longboarding. Hosted by Justin Eslinger.

Mudshark Studios

Published on November 20: Mudshark Studios needed help to grow their young Portland ceramics business. They found the help they needed at PCC’s Small Business Development Center and the CLIMB Center.

Discover Community Ed: Welding

Published on November 13: Discover Community Ed showcases the Welding class at PCC Rock Creek campus. Visit www.pcc/community for more information.

“I Am”

Published on May 21: “I Am” video featuring alumni from Portland Community College.

Global Crossroads: Zafreen Jaffery

Published on April 2: PCC talk show discussing international topics, with host Bryan Hull. Guest Zafreen Jaffery talks about Pakistan.

Everyman – Performing Arts Center

Published on August 3: Told with fantastic larger than life puppets (built by PCC’s Puppetry class) and set in a wooded world of mystery and intrigue, this 600 year-old play follows the journey of the character who is tasked to meet his maker for a reckoning.

Voices – Multicultural Center Performance

Published on August 2: The MultiCultural Center performs Voices of a People’s History: a student performance featuring the words of rebels, dissenters, and visionaries from our past and present.

Discover Community Ed: Ceramics

Published on April 28: Convenient and sustainable ceramics classes (program uses recycled clay and lower heat kilns) is firing up students in the Community Education Program.

Project 50: From the Ground Up

Published on February 21: Portland Community College has teamed up with a celebrated local theatre director to produce a play that is about the college’s last 50 years.

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