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Art grows in this Garden

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Most learning gardens grow flowers and vegetables. At Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus, the Learning Garden has grown whimsical garden art and, unlike the sun-ripened tomatoes, the art is permanent.

Supported by a grant from ASPCC, 10 pieces of art were selected with the official dedication taking place Sept. 8. Of the  pieces accepted, eight were created by students and two were created by Rock Creek art instructors. Metal and ceramic pieces, welded sculpture and a ground-level “nest”  made for people are included in the collection in the Learning Garden across the street from Building 9.

Featured artists are Ralph Gilliam, Ben Buswell, Alisa Roe, Bladimir Torres, Betty Henderson, Pete Krsnak, Micki Skudlarczyk and Nicki Falkenhagn.

  • "The Nest" by Ben Buswell
  • "Artistic Journey" by Bladimir Torres
  • "Untitled" by Ben Buswell
  • "Fissure" by Pete Krsnak
  • "Shovel Gallery" by Ralph Gilliam
  • "The Nest" by Betty Henderson
  • "Garden Flowers; A Nod to Seuss" by Ralph Gilliam