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Rock Creek hosts open classroom lecture series

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The Rock Creek Arts and Humanities department is offering a new free community lecture series called The Open Classroom. During these weekly lectures, instructors open their doors to the public and hold classes on relevant topics of arts and current events. The purpose of the lecture program is to create community openness and public awareness of PCC. The series also challenges and honors PCC faculty.

Open Classroom Lecture Series includes:

Monday, May 4, 3 to 4:50 p.m., Room 128, Building 2

“European Photography in the Early 20th Century”

Come hear how photography was used in Europe during the early 1900s as a tool for expression, abstraction and propaganda during the time between the two world wars.

Friday, May 22, noon to 1:50 p.m., Room 221, Building 7

“Japan’s Road to Modernity: From Edo to Tokyo and from Osaka to the World”

Come brush up on your Japanese history, from the island’s self imposed isolation prior to Commodore Perry’s “invasion” of Edo in 1854 to the rise of this nation as a world military and later economic power.

Thursday, May 21, noon to 2 p.m., Room 221, Building 7

“The Politics of Reproduction: Obscenity, Birth Control and Miscegenation in the Early 20th Century.”

Learn how the early 20th century was wracked by clashing political views on contraception, sexual behavior and interracial marriage. There will be opportunities to discuss world population growth and what that means for the planet.

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