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Hearings on the community colleges' budgets continue

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The insanity of Budget Week continues nicely. We were down in Salem Wednesday and Thursday of last week. All day this Monday, then half of today and tomorrow (Wednesday).

Tomorrow, PCC is taking students and three of our business partners to testify on our behalf.

What’s going on is this: the state budget is written by Ways and Means, which includes members of both the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans. But each division of state government has its own sub-committee of Ways and Means. That’s where we are now: before the Education Sub-Committee.

The sub will figure out a budget for us, then send it up to the full Ways and Means Committee. That body will deliberate, then send a budget on to the House and Senate for votes. That should happen in May or June.

Unrelated to all that, I also testified at a human services sub-committee last night on PCC going tobacco-free this fall. The lawmakers were very receptive to the news and seemed pleased by our actions.


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