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PHOTOS: Art Beat comes alive around PCC district

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PCC President Preston Pulliams (right) helps Art Beat featured artist Harry Widman unveil this year’s featured artwork during the kick-off ceremony at the Southeast Center.

The Bridgetown Morris Men dancers have celebrated the seasons for hundreds of years in England. Decked out in ribbons and bells they performed athletic dances with handkerchiefs and sticks to encourage good fortune and fertility for the coming season. The Bridgetown Morris Men keep this age-old tradition alive in Portland.

Sylvania’s student Art Club created a large-scale mural portraying students’ journey through PCC.

Performing Egyptian-style belly dance choreographies to both classical and modern Egyptian music, ESHTA (meaning “crème de la crème”) is a group of Maia’s students who dance to grow as dancers and performers as well as to have fun.

Grupo Condor’s music is a multi-cultural blend of European, American and African influences. From the traditional Andean favorites to their original compositions, their arrangements are lively and enticing.

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