The MakerLab

  • Location: Sylvania in AM 101 (basement of the auto shop)
  • Hours: Wednesdays, 1-6pm and Thursdays, 9am-12noon
    for winter term (when campus is open)
  • Contact: Amy Petit at 971-722-4103 or
Student working on computer parts

Students working in the Sylvania MakerLab

Students working on a circuit board
3D printersYoung girl using equipment in the lab3D modeling a hand

A place for the curious

As an interdisciplinary innovation lab we are dedicated to the art and science of making – taking an idea from your mind and making it real.

MakerLab is full of a wide variety of amazing machines for rapid prototyping. From 3D printers and scanners to lasers and CNC routers. Go beyond rapid prototyping with vinyl cutters, sheet metal tools, sewing machines and a plastic injection molder.

Prototype anything – props, cases, robots, jewelry, games and electronics.