Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Institutional Effectiveness Directory

Director, Laura Massey, laura.massey@pcc.edu, (971) 722-7700.
  • IE policy and research agenda.
  • Institutional planning.
  • Institutional effectiveness and assessment activities.
  • Regulatory requirements, IE issues/trends (state, regional, national), liaison with collegewide committees.
Research Technician, Nancy Benner Roberts, nancy.benner1@pcc.edu, (971) 722-7705.
  • Ad-hoc requests from college departments and public audiences.
  • Web site publication and development.
  • IE reporting, data visualizations, dashboards, i.e. Enrollment Reports, Factbooks, Fact Sheets.
  • Special Projects.
  • College Organization Charts development and coordination.
  • IE department process management.
  • Communication and coordination with vendors and contractors.
Research Analyst, Alyssa Eggebrecht, alyssa.eggebrecht@pcc.edu, (971) 722-7701.
  • Survey development, design and analyses.
  • Policy and decision support analyses.
  • Program review information support.
  • Comparative community college work using national databases.
  • Quantitative analysis of large-scale databases
  • Demographic studies and enrollment trends.
  • Econometric forecasting and modeling.
  • Grant proposal data support.
  • State and federal reporting support.
Programmer/Analyst, Sue Atkin, satkin@pcc.edu , (971) 722-7704.
Programmer/Analyst, Wendy Wen, wendy.wen@pcc.edu, (971)722-7703.
  • Creates custom reports and files, ad hoc, or for Banner production.
  • Runs student, course and enrollment extracts at 4th week and end of term.
  • Prepares files and reports for Oregon state.
  • Prepares and submits Federal (IPEDS) reports.

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