Welcome to PCC’s Kahoot! resource page. Kahoot! is an interactive learning tool that lets users create and play engaging quiz games and surveys. It is commonly used in educational settings to make learning more interactive and fun. Players participate by answering questions on their devices, earning points based on accuracy and speed, and fostering a competitive and engaging learning environment.

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What is Kahoot!?

How Does Kahoot! Work?

Kahoot! activities make learning engaging and enjoyable, transforming traditional quizzes into a dynamic student experience.

To get started with Kahoot!, follow the steps below:

  1. Request your Kahoot! instructor account: email dlhelp@pcc.edu to receive your Kahoot! account access via email. Please include your full name and PCC email address with your request. Once you receive the email invitation, click the green “Join” link to complete the registration process and access the Kahoot! Portal.
  2. Sign up for Kahoot! Account. Once you accept the invitation, you will be taken to the page below. Please DO NOT sign on with your PCC Gmail Account. Instead, use the “Sign up” link at the bottom of the option, as shown in the screenshot below:
    Kahoot Login
  3. Access your Kahoot! Account: 
    • Once registered, instructors can start creating their own Kahoot! or use pre-existing ones.
  4. Create a Kahoot!:
    • Instructors can create Kahoot! by adding questions, answer choices, and media elements like images or videos. They can choose the quiz format, such as multiple-choice questions, true/false, or surveys.
  5. Launch the Kahoot!:
    • Once the Kahoot! is ready, the instructor can launch it in a live session. Students can participate using their smartphones, tablets, or computers. They can access activities through the Kahoot! website or use the mobile app to enter a game PIN provided by the instructor.
      Kahoot Game

Benefits of Using Kahoot!

Using Kahoot! in learning offers several benefits for both students and instructors. For students, Kahoot! provides an engaging and interactive learning experience. The game-like format makes learning fun, fostering increased participation and motivation. Additionally, Kahoot! allows students to receive instant feedback on their performance, reinforcing their understanding of the material.

For instructors, Kahoot! serves as a valuable tool for assessing student comprehension in real-time. The platform’s analytics enable instructors to identify areas of strength and weakness, allowing for targeted instruction. Kahoot! also promotes active learning and collaboration, enhancing student-teacher interaction. The platform supports a dynamic and effective teaching environment, making learning more enjoyable and impactful for students and instructors.

What’s Next

  1. Game Dynamics:
    • The Kahoot! is displayed on the main screen, and questions are presented individually. Students choose their answers within a time limit. Points are awarded for correct and quick responses, adding a competitive and engaging element.
      Game Dynamics
  2. Leaderboard:
    • After each question, a leaderboard is displayed, showing the top-scoring participants. This adds a competitive aspect to the learning experience.
  3. Review and Feedback:
    • After the game, instructors can review the results and discuss the correct answers. This allows for immediate feedback and reinforces learning objectives.
  4. Reports and Analytics:
    • Kahoot! provides reports and analytics on student performance, allowing instructors to track progress, identify areas of strength and weakness, and tailor their instruction accordingly.
  5. Asynchronous and Student-Paced Learning:
    • Instructors can also assign Kahoot! challenges as homework or for self-paced learning. In this mode, students can complete the quizzes on their own time. Please note that we are not recommending Kahoot! for continuous use in online/asynchronous courses. Using Kahoot! in asynchronous courses requires creating and embedding a new Kahoot! each time the course runs.
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      How to create an Asynchronous Kahoot!


  6. Accessibility Features:
    • Text is scalable using your browser’s zoom-in/out feature to at least 200%
    • The question field can be used as an alt-text field if using media
    • You have the freedom to embed YouTube media that meets your needs for captions and audio descriptions
    • Sound/music is mutable using your browser’s “mute tab” feature
    • Kahoot! services are navigable using alt, enter, and space bar keys
    • Common screen readers on teaching devices will read questions and answers aloud
    • Common screen readers on student devices will read matching answer numbers aloud
  7. Integration with Zoom:
    • Kahoot! integrates with Zoom and can be launched directly inside a Zoom meeting. If you want to integrate Kahoot into Zoom, email dlhelp@pcc.edu to request the Kahoot integration.
      Kahoot Integration with Zoom

Resources for Faculty

Kahoot! offers a wealth of resources to enhance the learning experience for both educators and students. Instructors can access a vast library of pre-made Kahoot! and games on various subjects, saving time in lesson planning and ensuring quality content. See the links below for additional information on creating and using Kahoot! In your course.


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