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Annoto is a video annotation tool integrated within D2L Brightspace designed to enhance online video content by allowing users to add interactive elements directly onto videos. It offers features like annotations, chat, and quizzes that viewers can engage with while watching a video. Instructors commonly use this tool to make videos more engaging and interactive, improving communication and learning experiences.

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How does Annoto work?

Annoto can easily be added to your videos in My Media/Kaltura within D2L Brightspace to enable features such as annotations, video comments, personal notes, quiz interactions, and user analytics. The tool will unlock new ways of interacting with the video content in your course and provide insights into how students engage with the material.

Sign up to access Annoto

  1. To get started with Annoto, email[opens in new window] with the subject “Enable Annoto in Course” and include your D2L course URL(s) in the message (D2L Brightspace required).
    The license will be granted during college hrs. No weekend & holiday. It can take a few business days.
  2. We will email you when Annoto is available to add to your course in D2L Brightspace.

Resources for Faculty

Annoto provides a comprehensive knowledge base guide for instructors using the tool. Below, you will find a selection of topics to become familiar with:

  • Annoto Comments – Learn about the time-tag comment feature, which includes text, sentiment, and video replies.
  • Annoto Interactions – Learn about the interactions feature to add a quiz, poll, or survey to a video.
  • Annoto Personal Notes –  Learn about the personal note space to keep comments and information on a video only visible to you.
  • Annoto Dashboard – Learn about the Dashboard that provides analytics and an overview of engagement with your videos in a course.

Additional resources available include:

Resources for Students

  • Add a comment – Learn how to add comments to a video using a time tag feature and engage in a discussion with students and the instructor.
  • Follow the discussion – Learn how to follow a video discussion to receive notification emails, replies, and new comments.
  • Find what is important – Learn how to sort comments and view them in a timeline
  • Add a Personal Note – Learn about the personal note space to keep comments and information on a video only visible to you.
  • Export the Notes – Learn how to export your personal notes to a Microsoft Word or Excel document.
  • My Space – Learn how to find your learning activity throughout the course in My Space.
  • FAQ – soon

Use Cases

Annoto offers use-case examples for creating activities in your classroom that utilize the tool to provide new learning experiences. Below is a selection of use-case examples to help inspire you:

  • Guided Watching – Guide students through a video by adding questions, reflection points, and other interactions.
  • Skills Assessment – Assess a student’s skill via two-way video communication. Add time-tag notes to provide specific feedback in the video.
  • Peer Review – Offer students a place to upload their videos and receive comments and feedback from their classmates.
  • Self-Learning – Allow students to add comments to a video to ask questions or further clarify the material they are learning.
  • Flipped Classroom – Assign a video with comments and interactions to view before a class lecture to prepare students beforehand.

Additional case studies are available from instructors at other higher education institutions that used Annoto in their classrooms:



For questions and assistance regarding this tool, please contact email


  • Annoto is integrated with D2L Brightspace. (Note: You will need an active Brightspace course shell to use Annoto.)