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With the reorganization and creation of the new People Strategy, Equity, and Culture Division, the Culture Transformation and Development Department (CTD) is in the process of reimagining how we will best support a culture of learning and development in a more strategically aligned way. We are currently collaborating with our partners and end-users to ensure that we are able to provide a College-wide grants program that is aligned with CTD’s charge of fostering a culture that reinforces principles of belonging, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Please check back for updates on this particular program.

Opportunities for Conference/Workshop funding are currently available through Perkins grants. Eligible staff may also have additional funding opportunities available to them here.

Should you have additional questions/feedback, kindly email us.



Summer/Fall 2022
Culturally Responsive Teaching in Art History

(Christine Weber, Elizabeth Bilyeu, Julianne Sandlin, Kelsey Ferreira, Alina Egland, Luke Peterson, Graham Bell, Anna Truxes)

A team of art historians are revising the Western Art Survey into a Global Art Survey that will decenter Western narratives, examine the relationship between art history and colonization, and honor the experiences and knowledge of all cultures as central to the story of human creativity. In conjunction with this curriculum work, faculty will take a critical look at outcomes, assessment strategies, and methods of engagement with the goal of building resources for use, not only in the new Global Art Survey but in other art history courses taught. This series of workshops will allow faculty to draw on resources at the college, including each other, along with learning from experts in the fields of critical pedagogy and global art history.

Winter/Spring 2022
Embedded peer-tutors for foundational reading and writing courses

(Charmaine Vannimwegen, Sara Robertson)

This program embeds peer-tutors in the context of teaching and student learning to impact achievement and course completion in foundational writing and research intensive classes.

Summer 2018
Flipped Learning for Math Faculty

(Heather Mayer, Rondi Schei)

This training will provide faculty with an opportunity to work with their colleagues, learn about strategies for flipping their classroom, and present a flipped class to their cohort. Faculty who have completed the training in the past have reported that ESOL students and students with disability accommodations have particularly thrived in this model. Flipping is also timely as we have moved towards a new system of placing students in Math courses.

Spring 2018
PCC Biology SAC Hosts Guest Speaker for Northwest Biology Instructors Organization Workshop

(Alexie McKee)

PCC is hosting the regional, 52nd Annual Northwest Biology Instructors Organization Conference, May 4-6, 2018. The Biology SAC plans to host a keynot speaker for this event to inform faculty and students about current biological research, science literacy, and/or pedagogy specific to the discipline.

SPARC Professional Development Workshop: “Campus & Community Strategies for Food Justice: PCC Sustainability Across the Curriculum”

(Heidi Sickert, Briar Schoon, Diane Shingledecker, Peter Ritson, Joe Culhane, Esther Forbyn)

This SPARC workshop (May 2018) will provide resources for faculty to meaningfully integrate issues of food security, experienced on our campuses and in our communities, and their social, environmental and economic justice impacts into their curriculum.

Monica Mayer and Portland Women in Art Lecture Series (PWALS)

(Kim Manchester & Elizabeth Bilyeu)

Portland Women in Art Lecture Series hosts Mexican activities artist Monica Mayer for events, providing professional development, collaboration, and engagement for PCC and PSU communities.

Winter 2018
Designing Good Writing Assignments

(Jerry Annen, Anna Erwent, Charlotte Deason, Samm Erickson)

Faculty will learn best practices in assignment design, improving the quality of assignments, enabling tutors to provide more useful feedback, and increasing the quality of student work and student retention

Ending Ageism Through Raising Aging Awareness Across the Curriculum

(Jenny Sasser)

Explore how aging and ageism are being addressed across the curriculum and develop resources to encourage instructors to include these issues in their courses

Introduction to Intercultural Communication Workshop

(Rut Martinez Alicea, Samm Erickson)

This four-hour workshop will engage participants in best practices focused on working across differences, with a primary focus on faculty work in the classroom

Fall 2017
ESOL Academic Writing Anchor Papers

(Eric Dodson)

Collect, analyze, and annotate student writing samples that exemplify specific genres and the Course Content and Outcome Guides from ESOL writing courses levels 5-8, spanning from transitional to academic level writing addressing the need to openly model district-wide standards alignment to promote equity in student achievement.