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Proposal submission guidelines

2023 exhibitions – anticipated

The Paragon Gallery is an educational and community space located in PCC’s Paragon Arts Resource Building along with PCC Cascade’s printmaking studio. We are committed to exhibiting work of high artistic quality and cultural relevance. Mindful of our role as a member of the Humboldt community we are especially interested in proposals that will engage and welcome community members into our space.

The Paragon Gallery will be accepting proposals for installations/exhibitions to occur in 2023. Although proposals may be reviewed on an ongoing basis, full consideration is given to submissions received by April 30, 2022. Please wait until 2022 to submit your proposal. We are catching up with exhibitions postponed due to Covid-19 closures.

**If you are a PCC Cascade student, and you wish to participate in the 2021 student exhibition online, see the application posted in the sidebar on this page.

Submission proposals are evaluated based on
  • conceptual relevance to curricula and to the community surrounding Portland Community College Cascade Campus
  • technique and ideation
  • dynamically related programming/events
  • variety in overall exhibition schedule
anticipated 2023 proposal details

No earlier than January 2022, share a Google folder with cascade.gallery@pcc.edu. Label the folder “your (or group’s) Name 2023 proposal”. Please include the following:

    1. A letter of interest including specific educational/community programming you envision.
    2. An artist’s or collaborative group’s statement.
    3. A resume or CV.
    4. A detailed image inventory list: title, medium, dimensions (or location and duration), and date of completion for each work.
    5. A Work Samples subfolder containing up to 10 images or work samples. *Please label each sample with your name, underscore and sample number. E.g. “sampson_01”.
      • For event-based, durational or interactive works, composite slides are recommended.
      • Up to 3 video or audio examples with a total combined run time of no more than 10 minutes may be submitted.
      • Links to media with total combined run times of 10 minutes or less are welcome.
You can expect a decision by the end of Summer 2022.

UNMUTED: PCC Art Student Exhibition 20/21 call for entries

PCC Art Students: enter your class artwork from the past year in our college-wide Student Exhibition Online sponsored by the Helzer, North View, Paragon Arts, and Southeast galleries. Link to the entry form due April 26, 2021.