Shannon Correa-Davidson | “Kia”

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These photographs are from a final class project in Digital Photography at PCC. The project was a free choice assignment and I chose to shoot black and white portraits with my DSLR on a studio backdrop. I enjoy high contrast images and wanted to explore these images with lighting and editing. This series presents Kia, a local Black Trans Woman, glamorously posing for my camera. Kia is her name and the title of one of the portraits. The other portraits are titled "KiKi" and "Keyhole" and slang words used within the LGBTQ community: "Kiki" meaning when two drag queens hang out for a chat and "Keyhole" meaning a small insight to who this person is. Kia is a friend of mine and so it was effortless for us to have a connection through the camera. I believe that Black Trans Representation matters and it is my duty as a photographer to document and showcase different cultures within our communities. Thank you for this opportunity.