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Joseph Saucier | “Daydreams of a war where the pencils fight back against the erasers”

This media file is attached to: Painting / Watercolor

This is my final for my first art class. Having rarely picking up a brush before I feel like I showed the best of what I could do in that time. It's one point perspective and that point is off screen. This was the thought of a 5th grader who was so bored he ponder if the eraser and pencil were 2 instead of 1. A common fallacy is when 2 forgets it equals 1. It's an epic battle of who gets control of the paper, however the whole world funds this ludicrous battle in a all time fuck it dude moment. The sunshine hits the hills on the defining battle of who gets control over Joseph. What will happen when mechanical pencils hit the front lines? Is this the end of the erasers? Where's the sharpeners, and why are the eraser just lying there? Have they forgot there purpose, or have they finally reached insanity?