The First Year Experience or FYE provides support and a sense of belonging to students in their first year at PCC. The 3 core strategies of the FYE will empower students to thrive in their college experience. This exciting pilot will launch Fall term 2024.

What are the FYE strategies?

Caring connection

All students who are part of the FYE will have an FYE coach in addition to their designated academic advisor. Coaches will connect students to resources both on-campus and in the community, and will help students connect to each other. Coaches will foster the sense of belonging for students that will help them thrive at PCC.

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Guidance and support

As students make the transition into college, it can be challenging to navigate a new institution and learn about the processes and resources. The FYE team will support students with wayfinding, help them learn about the institution, and connect them with the many resources that PCC offers.

Career-focused community

FYE students will have a non-credit course in D2L Brightspace throughout their first year that focuses on connecting students to each other and their career goals. The interactive, flexible curriculum will focus on guided pathways and career connectedness, and will include built-in incentives to encourage participation in-person and online.

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Who are the FYE students?

calendarAs we gear up for an exciting launch in Fall 2024, we will be serving a specific cohort of students for our pilot year and expanding every year afterward.

  • Fall Term 2024: Our FYE cohort will be all direct from high school, first-generation college students who start at PCC for Fall Term 2024
  • Fall Term 2025: All first-generation college students who start at PCC for Fall Term 2025
  • Fall Term 2026: All first time in college students who start at PCC for Fall Term 2026

We will be learning, gathering data, and focusing on continuous improvement to build on each year’s successes.

How can I be involved?

We invite you to get involved and help shape the college experience for our incoming first-year students. If you have suggestions or ideas for our team, contact us here. If you’d like regular updates on this exciting work, complete the form below to be added to our email list. Stay tuned to this page for updates and announcements as we prepare to welcome our FYE 2024 cohort.

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