HSD Early College

For information about drop, withdrawal, and grading timelines, see the dual credit academic calendar.

Classes for the school year 2023-2024

HSD Early College has their own admission and registration process, outlined here.

College Success and Career Guidance
Class at HSD Early College Teacher Schedule Embedded at PCC
CG 101: Personal Responsibility Jem Wong Trimester 1 CG 101: College Survival and Success: Personal Responsibility
Credits: 1.0
Register for Fall, CRN 43009
When to register: Oct 2 – Nov 3
CG 102: College Success: Goal Setting Jem Wong Trimester 2 CG 102: College Survival and Success: Goal Setting
Credits: 1.0
Register for Winter, CRN 13232
When to register: Jan 2 – Feb 2