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EAC Curriculum Chair Duties and Procedures

  • Attend all EAC Leadership meetings:
    • EAC regularly scheduled meetings (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ planning meetings the week before each  EAC meeting (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ meetings with the Pathway Deans immediately prior to each EAC meeting (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ meetings with the District President and Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs (VPASA) (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ retreat in June (one day)
    • EAC Leaders’ retreat in September (one-half day)
    • EAC retreat in September  (one-half  day)
    • Attend at least one PCC Board meeting per year
  • Be familiar with and consult EAC by-laws.
  • Curriculum Meetings
    • Establish monthly meeting dates in consultation with the Curriculum Office, EAC Degrees and Certificates (D/C )Chair and EAC Chair
    • Chair Curriculum Committee meetings
    • Work with the Curriculum Office to help prepare SAC Chairs who are bringing items through the Committee
    • Maintain contact with SAC Chairs and occasionally help them with curriculum issues
    • Coordinate monthly meeting agenda with the Curriculum Office
    • Keep members posted on the agenda status
    • Review minutes of monthly meetings before posting
    • Review and sign each item submitted at monthly meetings with recommendations and then forward to Pathway Deans for their review
    • Consult and work with the Curriculum Office regarding catalog deadlines
    • Review and maintain EAC Curriculum Committee membership by selecting members when needed
    • Authorize experimental courses to be taught a third time using discretion
    • As needed facilitate communication with faculty regarding statewide curriculum changes, e.g. changes to general education, cultural literacy.
    •  Communicate regularly with former and current chairs of the curriculum and degrees and certificates committees and the curriculum office regarding issues, policies and practices.

Particular Monthly Duties

  • September
    • Chair EAC Curriculum Committee Retreat and plan agenda


  • Compensation has generally been 33% release time.