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Pathways to CTE Licensure

Coordinated in partnership with the Oregon Department of Education and PCC


Be a CTE teacher!

Are you…
  • A business and industry professional who wants to teach in a high school CTE program?
  • A restricted CTE license-holder working towards a preliminary CTE license?
  • A fully licensed teacher adding a CTE endorsement to a current Oregon teaching license?
  • A CTE teacher at the college level and are interested in adding professional development in teaching and learning?

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The PCC CTE Educator Certificate supports all of these interests! This program is approved to meet the education requirements for CTE teacher licensure. See the Oregon Department of Education CTE Teacher Licensure site for additional information about work experience requirements and the application process.

CTE endorsement areas:

  • tractorAgriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems
  • paletteArts, Information and Communications
  • buildingBusiness and Management
  • stethoscopeHealth Sciences
  • id badgeHuman Resources
  • cogsIndustrial and Engineering Systems

CTE Educator Certificate courses

See more in the catalog: CTE Educator Certificate

Requirement Course number Course title Course schedule Format Credits
Instructional Methodology ED 124
or ED 123
Instructional Strategies: Mathematics/Science Instructional Strategies: Reading Summer
online 3
Curriculum Design, Instructional Strategies and Assessment ED 131 Applied Learning Theory Winter online 3
Classroom Management ED 217 Classroom Management Winter online 3
Introduction to CTE in Oregon Meets education course requirement for licensed teachers adding a CTE endorsement ED 225 Introduction to CTE Summer online 3
Culturally Responsive and Equitable Practices ED 259 or ED 258 Multicultural Education: Applications or Multicultural Education: Principles Fall
online 3
Human Development for Adolescents PSY 215 Human Development All terms or check the schedule online or classroom 4
Total Credits 19

Pathways to CTE Licensure is for…

Industry professionals

Restricted CTE License Straight from Industry

What it is
This license qualifies you to teach in an ODE-approved CTE program in an Oregon school, education service district, or charter school assignment.

Get started
Contact the Regional CTE Coordinator assigned to the region where you want to teach.

Applicants must show recent and relevant knowledge of a significant portion of the industry in which they want to teach.

  • Associate Degree or equivalent
    • College-level math
    • College-level language arts or speech
  • Teacher preparation courses (PCC CTE Educator Certificate or Clackamas CC, Eastern Oregon University)
  • Work Experience
    • Relevant and documented industry work experience
    • At least 2000 hours of verifiable employment, internship or volunteer experience or related industry certification or licensure
  • Sponsorship of an ODE approved sponsor
    • Public schools and districts, charter schools, private schools, education service districts
Licensed teachers

Add a CTE endorsement to a TSPC License

What it is
This pathway is an e-licensing application and fee with TSPC to add CTE endorsement.

Get started
The first step is to contact your area Regional CTE Coordinator.  They will help you to:

  • Collaborate with local administrators to acquire the Instructor Appraisal Committee’s (IAC) recommendation for licensure on an approved ODE form.
  • Obtain a copy of the signed CTE Professional Development Plan (PDP).
  • Document the name and credentials of the identified CTE mentor.
  • Document business and industry work experience.


  • Education: Introduction to Career and Technical Education in Oregon course -Offered at PCC, Clackamas CC, Eastern Oregon University
  • Work Experience: Documented work experience of at least 2,000 hours of verifiable employment, internship, or volunteer experience that is relevant and recent
  • License for Conditional Assignment (LCA): 1-3 year license to complete any of the above requirements

The contents of this web page were developed under a grant from the US Department of Education. However, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and endorsement by the Federal Government should not be assumed.

Contact us

CTE Teacher Pathway Grant Coordinator: Julie Puris

Faculty Chair & Instructor: Tanya Mead

See more about us: Portland Area Career Technical Education Consortium

Additional opportunities

The CTE Teacher Pathway initiative, a grant from the United States Department of Education, seeks to increase and retain teachers in high-need industries. If you are a prospective or new Oregon high school CTE teacher in:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology

There is additional support and funding for CTE mentoring and industry experience in 2021-22. Email julie.puris@pcc.edu for more information.