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Elements of a successful proposal

We want our classes to succeed – of course! When we have to cancel a class due to low enrollment, students are unhappy. They really look forward to it and sometimes invest time and money into making the class fit into their schedule. We also want to avoid cancelling classes because instructors count on teaching them, and it takes our time and resources to set them up and promote them. When you think about your class proposal, consider the following questions:

  1. Look at our current class schedule to see if we’re already offering the class. If we are, how would your class be different? We don’t want to compete with ourselves.
  2. Is your class idea offered elsewhere in the Portland metro area? Is the market saturated? Or is there a growing need or interest?
  3. Who will want to take your class? How narrow is your target audience? Can they get to the class? Is it affordable?
  4. Why do you want to offer the class? Is your motivation personal or financial? Be aware that Oregon ethics laws and PCC regulations prohibit instructors from selling or recommending products from their businesses or promoting their consulting services.