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Safety Tips

Safety tips for community engagement

  • Use good judgment regarding health and safety precautions and confidentiality.
  • Following all policies of the site, including health and safety precautions and confidentiality.
    • Attend orientation if it is provided by the Community Partner. Make note of specific safety and operational protocols.
  • Do not go beyond the scope of assigned responsibilities. Use your judgment, and refuse risky or inappropriate requests and situations.
  • Do not work in a room alone with a child or other client, or transport a child or other client, unless screened and cleared by both the Community Partner and Instructor to do so.
  • Always wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • Never provide your personal information to, or accept a ride from clients at your site; do not give rides or any outside support to clients or staff at the community agency site.
  • Consider going with someone to your site and volunteering together.
Traveling to and from sites
  • When leaving the site after dark, always try to walk with a buddy and advise the site you are leaving.
  • If you ride the bus or drive a vehicle to the site, ask a Community Partner staff member to walk you to the bus stop or your car if possible.
  • Be vigilant and always aware of your surroundings. Stay alert. Do not keep valuables visible in your car, lock your car doors, have your keys out and ready to enter your vehicle. Don’t walk with earbuds or headphones.
Emergency Contacts
  • Provide emergency contact information to the Community Partner (contact information is also included in the CBL Learning Agreement).
  • In your cell phone under contacts, create a contact “In Case of Emergency” with a name and number to contact.
  • Communicate to your emergency contact where and when you will be doing your community engagement.
  • If you feel unsafe and unsure about your environment, alert the Community Partner immediately and seek assistance.  Have their phone number in your cell phone and carry it with you.
Accidents or Injuries
  • Promptly report to the Community Partner and instructor any injury, accident or incident that you are involved in while participating in your community-based learning project.

For additional information about safety please visit PCC Public Safety.