Getting Your Recipe to Market

Marilyn Kember, owner at Kember’s Gluten Free, smiles while holding up two bags of her baked goods recipe mixes, one in each hand

Marilyn Kember of Kember’s Gluten Free

Learn how to produce, promote, and sell your recipe.

There are many things to consider when starting a food product business: packaging, labeling, marketing, costs, and more.

Imagine starting a food business with confidence, knowing you have thought through all the steps necessary to launch into the marketplace.

Getting Your Recipe to Market is a unique, 14-week intensive program that will help you take your idea to commercial-ready food product.

We’ve partnered with food industry experts, OSU’s Food Innovation Center, and New Seasons Market to take you step-by-step to produce, promote, and sell your product.

Getting Your Recipe to Market gives you the skills to:

  • Understand industry essentials, and avoid common mistakes. Our program is designed to teach you the ins and outs of the food industry and help you avoid costly mistakes. Food industry experts will teach you how to produce, promote and sell your product. Learn about product development, food science, packaging, distribution, and more.
  • Connect with and gather insight from local food professionals. In each class, you’ll meet experts working in the food industry such as grocery buyers, co-packers, food scientists, packaging experts, regulators, and more. You’ll also have your product reviewed by New Seasons Market buyers.
  • Prepare for the commercial market. We’ll cover core marketing principles for promoting a consumer food product, giving your product the best chance to succeed. Learn how to calculate costs of goods sold (COGS), conduct break-even analysis and other financial keys to creating a profitable product.
  • Get one-on-one help building your food product business. We’re here for you as you launch your product and continue to grow your business after the program. Your advisor will work with you to develop an action plan and provide guidance in making key business decisions.
What to Expect

Each week we’ll bring in subject-matter experts to teach on important areas. Each session is 3 hours long (except for weeks 13 and 14).

The Course Outline

  • Week 1: Intro to the Program, Market Surveys, Intro to Cost of Goods Sold
  • Week 2: Food Science & Safety, Licensing & Regulations, Commercial Kitchens
  • Week 3: Brand Development, Packaging, Co-packers
  • Week 4: Sales,, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Calculator and Pricing Model
  • Week 5: Grocery Buyers, Distribution, Alternative Sales Channels
  • Week 6: Primary and Secondary Research, Business Planning, Access to Capital
  • Week 7: COGS Forecasting and Break-even, Intro to Business Development
  • Week 8: Hear from Alumni Panel
  • Week 9: Legal issues from business entities to trademarks, Insurance
  • Week 10: Commercial Ready Demos, Marketing & PR, Sales Sheets
  • Week 11: Taxes, Accounting, Human Resources
  • Week 12: Continuing Business Education, Practice Presentations
  • Week 13: New Seasons Market Product Evaluations
  • Week 14: Time to Market Tradeshow at OSU Food Innovation Center

For a detailed course outline, contact the SBDC at

Getting Your Recipe to Market is more than just a class. It includes:

  • A 30 minute meeting with New Seasons Market buyers to pitch your brand and present your product(s). You will receive valuable feedback and the opportunity to have your products placed into the New Seasons stores.
  • Reserved space and participation in the Time to Market Trade Show to showcase your product to potential investors, buyers and to the public.
  • 6 month subscription to
  • All alumni welcome to attend any future GYRM classes.
  • One-on-one business advising in confidential meetings during the program and for the life of your business.
  • Complimentary access to Business Design Series, SBDC’s business planning course.
  • Supportive learning through your cohort/peers.
  • Access to business advisors with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise.
Who Should Enroll in Getting Your Recipe to Market?

Getting Your Recipe to Market is good fit for you, if:

  • You have a completed recipe.
  • You have no retail sales.
  • You have time to dedicate to class, advising, and the work.
  • You want to make your food business idea to a reality.
What Our Clients Say

“The education that I received in the GYRM class was eye opening and invaluable. It gave me the information that I needed to start this business off on the right foot, as well as connecting me to resources and contacts that set the path toward profitability.” – Marilyn Roseburrough, Kember’s Gluten Free

“That class was exactly what I needed when I was starting out. I had no idea that I’d have to learn things like how to convert a recipe to a scalable formula, or how to find contract manufacturers and distributors. In a few short months, I have been exposed to everything I needed to know to get started with my food business. Getting Your Recipe to Market and ongoing business advising have been critical pillars in the creation of my business. Without it, I most likely wouldn’t be in business. I probably wouldn’t have even known where to start.” – Josh Fegles, Jude’s Foods

“Having an advisor each step of the way has been awesome! Learning new business practices, and having the opportunity to implement them with direction, has helped me to continue to grow my business profitably.” – Betsy Walton, Our Favorite Foods LLC

“In the end, the program really paid for itself because it saved us money in mistakes that we would’ve made.” – Junea Rocha, Brazi Bites

The Investment


Getting Your Recipe to Market is a 14-week course that includes 36 hours of classroom education. Every session is 3 hours, except weeks 13 and 14, during which you will participate in the New Seasons evaluation and the Time to Market Tradeshow.


  • Tuition for Getting Your Recipe to Market is $1,995.
  • Payment plans are available through PCC

The Return:

  • The knowledge and confidence you need to launch your food product business.
  • Opportunities to make your product known, including:
    • New Season’s Market product evaluation
    • A reserved table at the Time to Market Tradeshow
  • Resources for ongoing learning and growth, including:
    • Lifelong business advising
    • Access to future Getting Your Recipe to Market classes
Meet the Team

Jill Beaman, Getting Your Recipe to Market program facilitator

  • Worked at FIC as research assistant helping start up food businesses and researching food distribution
  • Experience in wine industry and teaching agriculture and business
  • BS & MS Degrees in Ag Business from Cal Poly, SLO

David Hill, Getting Your Recipe to Market advisor

  • Founder and President of Food Methods
  • Experience as chemist for Texas Health Department food lab
  • BS in Food Science and Technology from Texas A&M
  • Post baccalaureate Accounting certificate

Dr. John Henry Wells, Getting Your Recipe to Market advisor

  • Senior Director Quality Assurance at Albertsons-Safeway
  • 25+ years of food industry experience with processing, manufacturing, engineering, R&D, and quality assurance
  • Founding Director of Food Innovation Center
  • BS, MS, and Doctor of Engineering degrees in Food Engineering from UC Davis

Uri Kushner, Getting Your Recipe to Market advisor

  • Owned and operated Jam on Hawthorne 2002-2006
  • Launched line of jams sold at both the retail and wholesale level
  • Helped launch Fizzy Fruit
  • GYRM advisor since 2006
  • 1997 Graduate of Western Culinary Institute

The subject-matter expert instructors:

  • Ron Tanner, Specialty Food Association
  • Caitlin Burke, Hacienda Commercial Kitchen
  • Michael Madigan, KitchenCru
  • Sarah Masoni, OSU Food Innovation Center
  • Will Fargo, Oregon Department of Agriculture
  • Ranee Ruble, Paper Moon Creative (brand development)
  • WCP Solutions (packaging)
  • Dr. John Henry Wells (food science & packaging engineer)
  • Denise Breyley, Whole Foods NW Forager
  • Chris Tjersland and John Boyle from New Seasons
  • Heman Bhojwani, Earthly Gourmet (distributor)
  • JP Voilleque, Immix Law Group (food business attorney)
  • Paul Haulbrook, Farmer’s Insurance
  • Jim Beriault,Beriault Entertainment Marketing
  • Jill Critchfield, Pacific HR
  • Julia Fitzgerald, CPA, Peace of Mind Bookkeeping Services

Note: the schedule of the program and instructors may change based on instructor availability and class evaluations.

Upcoming Schedule for Getting Your Recipe for Market

Apply Today

You must complete a guided interview to ensure you are a good fit for the program prior to registering. Contact the SBDC at for more information about this program.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register for Getting Your Recipe to Market?

You will receive instructions to register after your guided interview.

Do you work with marijuana-related food products?

At this time, we can not work with businesses that are incorporating marijuana into their food product due to federal restrictions.

Does Getting Your Recipe to Market also work for animal-related food products?

Getting Your Recipe to Market is for products that are for human consumption only.

Are there any requirements for the program?

There are three requirements: you have a completed recipe, you have not had retail sales, and you have a guided interview before enrolling in the program. Contact the SBDC at for more information about this program.

Questions? Contact the SBDC at or 971-722-5080.