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CCOG for RUS 260B Winter 2024

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RUS 260B
Course Title:
Russian Culture
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Course Description

Russian culture through film. Enhances understanding of Russian culture and contemporary society through analysis of cultural and social issues presented in five Russian films. May explore issues including, but not limited to, Russian women, female gender roles, Russian families, the communist past, ethnic conflict, views of the west, and Russia's self identity. Course conducted in English and all films with English subtitles. Course can be taken out of sequence. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course


Students will gain cultural awareness and appreciation for the following aspects of Russian culture and society:

  1. Russian families 
  2. Childhood in Russia 
  3. Cultural perspectives on communism and communist past. 
  4. Stalinism and the Terror 
  5. Love of the Russian homeland 
  6. Emigration from Russia 
  7. Russian views of the West 
  8. Roles of women in Russian society 
  9. Russian female gender roles. 
  10. Ethnic groups and conflict in Russia 
  11. Russian’s self-identity

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Active participation in small group discussion

  2. Active participation in class discussions

  3. Conceptual written tasks to assess understanding of cultural and social themes in background readings and films

  4. Individual and group presentations  

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The following themes will be explored in the course:  

  1. Russian family

  2. Childhood in Russia

  3. Cultural views of communism

  4. Love of the Russian homeland

  5. Emigration from Russia

  6. Russian views of the West  

  7. Women in Russian society

  8. Gender roles for Russian women and men

  9. Food, hospitality and drinking traditions

  10. Stalinism and the Terror

  11. Ethnic groups and conflict in Russia  

Competencies and Skills:  

  1. Recognizes basic cultural differences

  2. Demonstrates understanding of relevant cultural and social issues in contemporary Russian society
  3. Increased critical thinking skills

  4. Small group collaboration

  5. Speaking and listening reflectively

  6. Critical analysis of cultural issues in films