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CCOG for MSD 160A Fall 2023

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Course Number:
MSD 160A
Course Title:
Communication Styles
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Course Description

Concentrates on understanding various communication styles including differences in perspectives, styles, beliefs and feelings. Discussion includes building relationships at home, work and in communities with a wide range of people. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  • Use an understanding of communication styles to create effective communication in a variety of work and personal environments.
  • Create and implement plans for developing positive work relationships.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  • Various individual and/or group skill-building activities such as case studies, or other exercises geared toward critical analysis of course concepts.
  • Written assignments or oral reports designed to integrate course material into personal experience or experiences of others.
  • Exams comprised of essay and/or objective questions, or complete an individual and/or team project or paper, which requires integration, application, and critical examination of course concepts, issues, and themes.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Assessing personal communication style
Recognizing how personal style impacts others
Adapting personal style to others
Identifying personal biases
Managing nonverbal communication
Effective listening
Building rapport
Controlling vocal delivery
General Concepts
Personal communication styles
Nonverbal behavior
Vocal delivery
Emotional barriers
Listening skills
Cultural background
Adapting personal style
Building positive relationships
Communication loop process
Differing perspectives
Controlling nonverbal behavior and vocal delivery positively impact communication
Communication styles provide a tool for creating effective communication
Emotional barriers can interfere with listening
Communication is affected by cultural background and language issues