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Effective Term:
Summer 2014 through Winter 2015
Course Number:
PE 10
Course Title:
Physical Education Activity Program
Credit Hours:
Lecture Hours:
Lecture/Lab Hours:
Lab Hours:

Course Description

Independent study format allowing students to participate in a variety of activities using designated PCC facilities when classes are not scheduled. This class does not count towards PCC degrees or PCC financial aid. Check with appropriate institution or high school for transferability of this class. Consultation with instructor may be required. Recommended: signed physical examination form. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Additional Purposes of PE Activity Program:
  1.   Allow a variety program for the student not wishing
               traditional, transferable credit.
          2.   Serve as activity vehicle for students unable to enroll
               in normal course offerings.
          3.   Promote independent/individual approach to fitness.
          4.   Develop activities geared to individual differences.
          5.   Serve as catalyst for student desiring future
               enrollment in traditional, transfer course.
          6.   Allow general enrollment for any indoor and outdoor PE
               facility usage (with or without credit).

Intended Outcomes for the course


Course Activities and Design

At the beginning of each term, students should complete initial
     check-in and paperwork.  A meeting with an instructor may be
     required and special programs may be created in instances of
     special need. It is in the best interest of the physical
     education staff and the student that participants are aware of
     safety, time availability, proper techniques, etc.
     Participation must take place on the campus where the student
     initially checked in, except for instructor approved exceptions.
     Students may use open PE facilities when no instructional classes
     are scheduled for that facility, and when approved staff are on
     duty if assistance is needed.  In other words, unless previously
     arranged, credit will not be given for personalized programs off
     Students must provide appropriate clothing for activities in
     which they participate.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Attendance and Participation - 100%  A handout explaining grading
     procedures will be given to students at initial check-in.
     Although policies may vary between campuses,  the following
     procedures are generally used to determine grade:
          1.   Only one credit may be earned per term
          2.   Only one validation may be earned per day
          3.   A minimum of 110 minutes of participation per week is
               required for 11 weeks.
          4.   This requirement may be completed in three workouts per
               week at 37 minutes or two workouts per week of 55
               minutes each.
          5.   Students must sign in and out with the locker attendant
               when using the facilities,
          6.   Students enrolled in this program may use the
               facilities at campuses other than the one for which
               they registered.  However, before doing so, they are
               required to pay the special fee (use of lock,
               basket and towel) for the additional campus as they did
               for their home campus.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

     Instructional Goal:
     Demonstrate skills in various fitness activities/individual/team
     sports without undue stress on the body.
          1.1  Demonstrate knowledge of course policies and procedures
               with regard to the following:
               a.   Class dress/attire
               b.   Class attendance
               c.   Equipment check-out
               d.   Safety requirements for equipment and facilities
     Instructional Goal:
     The goal is to gain knowledge and skills in the various
     activities for course completion.
          2.1  Design a well-rounded program from the following
               available activities.
               a.   Aerobics/exercise
               b.   Basketball
               c.   Dance
               d.   Racquet sports
               e.   Stationary bicycle
               f.   Swimming
               g.   Walking/jogging
               h.   Weight training/circuit
               i.   Yoga
               j.   Others by arrangement and availability
     Instructional Goal:
     To give students an opportunity to use facilities at open times.
     Knowledge of basic procedures and safety considerations
          a.   Basic check-in
          b.   Fee payment requirement and use of identification
          c.   Access to schedules for open facilities use.