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CCOG Courses in Music and Sonic Arts archive

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Course Number Course Title
MUC 101 Commercial Music Theory I
Contemporary Music Theory I
MUC 102 Commercial Music Theory II
Contemporary Music Theory II
MUC 103 Commercial Music Theory III
Contemporary Music Theory III
MUC 104 Enclosures I: Tools & Processes
MUC 105 Enclosures II: Design & Culture
MUC 106 Wearable Technologies I: Tools & Processes
MUC 107 Wearable Technologies II: Design & Culture
MUC 115 Sonic Arts Singing Workshop
MUC 120A Sight Singing and Ear Training I
MUC 120B Sight Singing and Ear Training II
MUC 120C Sight Singing and Ear Training III
MUC 123 Electronic Media I
MUC 124 Electronic Media II
MUC 125 Electronic Media III
MUC 126 Sound for Picture
MUC 126A Computer Notation and Scoring 1
MUC 126B Computer Notation and Scoring 2
MUC 127 Sound for Picture: Sound Design
MUC 130A Rhythm Training I
MUC 130B Rhythm Training II
MUC 130C Rhythm Training III
MUC 140A Group Piano I
MUC 140B Group Piano II
MUC 140C Group Piano III
MUC 143 Group Percussion
MUC 144 Contemporary Singing
Contemporary Singing I
MUC 144B Contemporary Singing II
MUC 144C Contemporary Singing III
MUC 145A Group Guitar/Bass I
MUC 145B Group Guitar/Bass II
MUC 145C Group Guitar/Bass III
MUC 150A Keyboard Harmony I
MUC 150B Keyboard Harmony II
MUC 150C Keyboard Harmony III
MUC 152A Contemporary Arranging: Settings for Originals and Covers I
MUC 152B Contemporary Arranging: Settings for Originals and Covers II
MUC 152C Contemporary Arranging: Settings for Originals Covers III
MUC 154A Band Performance Workshop
MUC 154B Band Performance Workshop
MUC 154C Band Performance Workshop III
MUC 155 Introduction to Improvisation
MUC 155A Improvisation I
MUC 155B Improvisation II
MUC 155C Improvisation III
MUC 164 Survey of the Music Industry
MUC 165 Business for the Musician
MUC 166 Songwriting and Music Publishing
MUC 167 The Music Business: Career Opportunities and Self Defense
MUC 170A Intro to Ableton I: Art of Beat Making
MUC 170B Intro to Ableton II: Analyze, Deconstruct, Rebuild
MUC 170C Intro to Ableton III: Record, Produce, Perform
MUC 181 Music as a Career
MUC 182 Introduction to Pro Tools
MUC 185 Introduction to Logic Pro
MUC 200A Composing and Arranging I: Principles and Techniques
Composition I: Principles and Techniques
MUC 200B Composing and Arranging II: Electronic Music Composition
Composition II: Electronic Music Composition
MUC 200C Composition and Arranging III: Electronic Media Composition
Composition III: Multimedia & Multichannel Channel Comp
MUC 201 Analog Modular Synthesis
MUC 202A Ensemble I: Intro to Ensemble
MUC 202B Ensemble II: Jazz Ensemble
MUC 202C Ensemble III: Multimedia Ensemble
MUC 203 Sonic Arts Capstone
MUC 206 Body Interface Design
MUC 210 Contemporary Music Theory IV: Analysis
MUC 218 Digital Arts & Equity
MUC 219 Sonic Constructions of Identity
MUC 222 Introduction to Recording Technologies
MUC 223 Recording Technology I: Analog Fundamentals
Studio Recording Technology I
MUC 224 Recording Technology II: Signal Processing & Tracking
Studio Recording Technology II
MUC 225 Recording Technology III: Running a Studio
Studio Recording Technology III
MUC 226 Digital Recording 1
MUC 227 Digital Recording 2
MUC 228 Digital Recording 3
MUC 233 Math in the Arts
MUC 234 Income Tax Preparation for Musicians
MUC 236 Studio Recording Technology IV
MUC 237 Studio Recording Technology V
MUC 238 Studio Recording Technology VI
MUC 240 Interactive Portfolio Studio
MUC 250 AI & Machine Learning in the Arts I
MUC 251 Natural Language Processing
MUC 252 Computer Vision
MUC 261 Data Visualization & Sonification
MUC 262 Interface Design
MUC 263 Experience Design with TouchDesigner
MUC 270 Audio Programming I: Introduction to Max/MSP
MUC 271 Audio Programming II: Intermediate Max/MSP
MUC 272 Creative Coding I
Introduction to Coding for Artists
MUC 273 Programming Interactive Video
MUC 274 Microcontrollers for Artists
MUC 275 Creative Coding Capstone
MUC 277 Microcontrollers II
MUC 278 Generative Art on the Web
MUC 280A Cooperative Education: Vocational Music
MUC 282 Coding for Artists II
Creative Coding II
MUC 285 Game Audio: Design
MUC 286 Game Audio: Music
MUC 287 Game Audio: Implementation