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CCOG Courses in Gerontology archive

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Course Number Course Title
GRN 131 Hospice Basics
GRN 155 Home Care Activity Training
GRN 165 Activity Director Training
Basic Activity Director Training
GRN 166 Nature Activities for Senior Living
Therapeutic Horticulture in Health and Human Services
Therapeutic Horticulture: An Introduction
GRN 170 Resident Assistant I Training
GRN 171 Resident Assistant II Training
GRN 172 Adult Care Home Training
GRN 175 The Aging Mind
GRN 176 Cognitive Activity Design
GRN 177 Arts & Cognitive Activity Design
GRN 181 Exploring the Field of Aging
GRN 201 Understanding and Combating Ageism
Understanding and Ending Ageism
GRN 233 Supporting End of Life
GRN 234 Introduction to Dementia Care & Practice
GRN 235 Introduction to Dementia Care
GRN 236 Dementia Care Practice
GRN 237 End of Life Therapies
GRN 239 End of Life Practices
GRN 240 Care and Service Coordination
GRN 245 Introduction to Guardianship in Oregon
GRN 246 Guardian Conservator Training
GRN 247 Applied Legal and Policy Issues in Aging
GRN 264 Advanced Activity Professional Training
GRN 265 Activity Professional Certification Training 1
Activity Professional Training 1
GRN 266 Activity Professional Certification Training 2
Activity Professional Training 2
GRN 267 Introduction to Professional Therapeutic Horticulture
GRN 268 Techniques & Adaptive Strategies in Therapeutic Horticulture
GRN 269 Therapeutic Horticulture Skills I
GRN 270 Therapeutic Horticulture Programming for Adults & Children
GRN 271 Therapeutic Horticulture Skills II
GRN 272 Therapeutic Garden Design, Maintenance & Programming
GRN 273 Interior Plants
GRN 280A CE: Gerontology Internship
GRN 280B Gerontology Internship Seminar
GRN 282 Gerontology Professional Seminar