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CCOG Courses in Electronic Engineering Tech archive

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Course Number Course Title
EET 101 Introduction to Electronic Testing Equipment/Soldering/Tools
EET 101A Electronic Lab Skills and Equipment 1
EET 101B Electronic Lab Skills and Equipment 2
EET 110 Introduction to Renewable Energy
EET 111 Electrical Circuit Analysis I
EET 112 Electrical Circuit Analysis II
EET 113 Electrical Power
EET 121 Digital Systems 1
EET 122 Digital Systems 2: Computing Systems
EET 123 Digital Systems 3: Mixed-Signal Systems
EET 178 Computing Environments for Technicians
EET 179 Fuel Cell Systems
EET 188 Industrial Safety
EET 221 Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
EET 222 Operational Amplifier Circuits
EET 223 RF Communications Circuits
EET 241 Programming for Electronics
EET 242 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems
EET 252 Electromechanical Systems Fundamentals
EET 254 Electronic Engineering Technology Seminar
EET 255 Industrial Control Systems
EET 256 Capstone Project
EET 256A EET Capstone Project 1
EET 256B EET Capstone Project 2
EET 260 Biomedical Equipment I
Biomedical Equipment Technology
EET 261 Biomedical Equipment II
Medical Imaging Equipment
EET 262 Biomedical Information Technology
EET 263 Electronic Control Systems 1
PLC Fundamentals
EET 269 Wind Mechanics
EET 272 Motors and Motor Controls
EET 273 Electronic Control Systems
Electronic Control Systems 2
EET 274 Dental Equipment
EET 280A Cooperative Education: Electronics Engineering Technology
EET 280C Cooperative Education: BMET Practicum