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CCOG Courses in Criminal Justice archive

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Course Number Course Title
CJA 100 Professions in Criminal Justice
CJA 101 Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Professions
CJA 111 Introduction to Criminal Justice System - Police
CJA 112 Introduction to Criminal Justice System - Courts
CJA 113 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System - Corrections
CJA 114 Introduction to Juvenile Process
CJA 115 Introduction to Jail Operations
CJA 116 Juvenile Risk Assessment
CJA 117 Introduction to Homeland Security
CJA 210 Arrest, Search and Seizure
CJA 211 Civil Liability and Ethics in Criminal Justice
Civil Liability in Criminal Justice
CJA 212 Criminal Law
CJA 213 Evidence
CJA 214 Criminal Investigation
CJA 215 Forensic Science and Criminalistics
CJA 217 Interviewing and Interrogation
CJA 218 Criminal Justice Perspectives of Violence & Aggression
CJA 220 Mental Health & the Law
CJA 224 Women, Gender & Crime
CJA 225 Criminal Justice and the United States Constitution
Individual Rights and the Police
Justice and Legal Rights
Your Rights and the Police
CJA 227 Intro to Cybercrime
CJA 228 Organized Crime and Terrorism
CJA 230 Police Report Writing
CJA 231 Crime Scene Photography
CJA 232 Intelligence Led Policing
CJA 233 Aspects of Homicide
CJA 234 Intelligence Analysis and Security Management
National Security and Intelligence
CJA 235 Transportation and Border Security
CJA 243 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
CJA 244 Tactical Communication in Crisis Incidents
CJA 245 Search Warrant Preparation
CJA 246 Fish and Wildlife Enforcement
CJA 247 Introduction to Criminal Gangs
CJA 250 Human Trafficking
CJA 251 Management Strategies for Police Leaders
CJA 252 Innovative Police Leadership
CJA 253 Critical Thinking for Police Leaders
CJA 254 Leading Police Resilience
Leading Resilience
CJA 260 Introduction to Correctional Institutions
CJA 261 Introduction to Probation and Parole
CJA 262 Introduction to Correctional Treatment
CJA 263 Introduction to Corrections Casework
CJA 264 Introduction to Corrections Administration
CJA 265 Community Reentry for Offenders
CJA 266 Intro to Probation & Parole
CJA 279 Criminal Justice Seminar
CJA 280B Cooperative Education: Applied Criminal Justice